Unicorn Forest

Unicorns are thought to be beautiful mythical animals resembling a horse with one singular horn, oftentimes displaying amazing colors and possessing magical properties. The earliest know accounts of Unicorns date back to at least 400 B.C. when the historian Ctesias reported witnessing a horse-like creature with purple and white colors and a singular horn.

There are many facts pointing to the possible existence of Unicorns- none more interesting than the fact Unicorns are recorded in ancient history across the world throughout vastly different cultures. Ancient drawings and references of the existence of Unicorns appear in the ancient Greek, Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese cultures to name a few, and there are even nine references to Unicorns in the King James version of the Holy Bible! What were all of these ancient peoples from different parts of the world seeing and experiencing?

In modern times there continue to be Unicorn sightings, for example in 1991 the Naturalist Antal Festetics reported seeing a Unicorn in the forest of the Harz Mountains.

Legend says that Unicorns primarily live in enchanted forests… thus we invite you to experience them in their natural habitat- the Unicorn Forest at Mystery Town USA!

Unicorns stick together! They are communal creatures usually living in groups of four to five.
Years since historians have written about accounts of Unicorns… dating all the way back to Ancient Greece!

Coats of many colors! There are many accounts of Unicorns having purple, pink and yellow coats, with purple or blue eyes.

Unicorn Fact #1

A Unicorn horn is called an “alicorn”… and is said to possess magical healing powers.

Unicorn Fact #2