Mystery Town, USA

MysteryTown USA™ has a walkthrough adventure called the Mystery Maze that takes you on a journey through many of the world’s greatest mysteries! It’s inspired by many of the vintage roadside Americana attractions of yesteryear- while incorporating new technologies and atmospheres to give visitors a sense of wonder, awe and FUN! MysteryTown USA is a great family adventure for mystery lovers or non-mystery lovers alike… and it’s informative and entertaining for all ages- 2 to 92 and beyond!

The adventure lives on in our “Mystery Market™.” This incredible retail shopping experience immerses visitors in a world-class gift shop where one-of-kind gifts, memorabilia and atmosphere abound. There’s something for every mystery lover at our “Mystery Market™!”

While we bring you close to legendary mysteries and so much more- our greater hope is that we bring you closer to believing! Believing in things you can’t see. Believing there’s a new discovery always on the horizon and there is more out there than what is known. Believing that great things lie ahead and have only just begun!

This is what Mystery Town, USA is truly all about- Believing! We look forward to seeing you and always Believe the Fun!

John E III
MysteryTown USA