Michigan Dogman

If not from around Michigan you may not have heard of the Michigan Dogman, however local modern Michiganders have had sightings of Dogman since 1887. Dogman is a large amber-eyed bi-pedal canine-like creature that is half man and half dog… having the head of a dog, torso of a man and walking on two legs. Most sightings report Dogman being around 7′ tall with large canine teeth and a howl that sounds like a human man screaming.

Dogman appears on a ten year cycle that falls on years ending in seven… making his next scheduled appearance 2027. Usually he can only be seen deep in Michigan’s remote wilderness, oftentimes in the Northwest quadrant of the Lower Peninsula near areas incorporating the Manistee River, or scattered throughout the deep wooded areas of the Upper Peninsula.

Oral history tells of stories of Dogman appearances seen by Odawa Indians dating back hundreds of years. In 1887 in Wexford County, two lumberjacks reported encountering a large creature that they described as having a man’s body and a dog’s head. In 1937 in Paris, Michigan, a Mr. Robert Fortney was attacked by a pack of wild dogs that walked on two legs. Throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s there were many Dogman sightings and encounters in Allegan and Manistee counties as well as Cross Village… and Dogman sightings continue to this day!

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Dogman will re-appear to Michiganders in the year
Over 100 unique, documented reported sightings since

Does this dog bite? No! Less than 1% of Dogman encounters end in a Dogman attack.

Michigan Dogman Fact #1

Peeping Dogman? Dozens of people have reported Dogman staring into their windows at night.

Michigan Dogman Fact #2