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Pirate Treasure

Did you know during the Golden Age of Pirates there were pirates from sea to shining sea- and lake to shining lake! Yes, Pirates originating in the Caribbean such as Blackbeard hid vast treasures that have still not been found… and so did many Pirates who raided the Great Lakes centuries ago.

Blackbeard, who’s real name was Edward Teach, is one of the most famous pirates of all time. With his ship The Queen Anne’s Revenge, he raided and plundered throughout the Caribbean commanding a pirate army of over 300 men. Blackbeard settled in Bath, North Carolina before eventually being killed in a fierce battle off the coast of North Carolina. It is almost certain many of Blackbeard’s vast treasures still remain buried somewhere in the Carolinas, as most of his known plundered treasure has never been found.

Not to be out done by their Caribbean counterparts… there were many Pirates swashbuckling on the Great Lakes. Interestingly, Great Lakes Pirates were usually not plundering gold and silver- they were more interested in heisting illegal alcohol, timber and animal pelts. One of the most famous was Calico Jack, named because of the colorful clothes he wore. He sailed the Great Lakes in the 1700’s and was known for stealing everything from fishing tackle to entire ships. His reign of terror finally ended when he was hung for Piracy. Most of his loot has never been found and many believe it still remains hidden in the Great Lakes Region. Historians believe his vast unorthodox treasure of alcohol, ancient timber and the like would be worth as much today as Gold and Silver!

MysteryTown USA invites you to come experience the Golden Age of Pirates and the mystery of their amazing treasures that still have not been discovered- both of the “salt” and “no salt” kind!

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The Golden Age of Piracy is considered the years of 1650 to 1750
The Pirate Captain Henry Avery once plundered a Spanish Galleon for over 200 million dollars in gold and jewels in one afternoon!

The real treasure is knowing where you are going! Maps were more precious than gold and silver to pirates.

Pirate Treasure Fact #1

The skull and crossbones flag flying atop of a pirate ship is called a Jolly Roger.

Pirate Treasure Fact #2